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Anyone injured in a motor vehicle crash must be evaluated by a doctor within 14 days of the crash.

Facts to consider regarding motor vehicle crash Insurance companies and their defense attorneys want you to believe that crash damage is directly proportional to severity of injury. In other words, minimal damage results in minimal injury. They claim most motor vehicle crash result in minor imapact soft tissue injuries they call them MIST. Typically Minor impact low speed crashes are defined as crashes occurring at closing velocities of 10 mph or less. However closing velocities without definition of the relative size of the involved vehicles is not quantitative or measurable. For example a Mustang struck by a Neon at 10 at a closing velocity at 10mph will experience far less velocity change than that same Mustang being struck at the same speed by a UPS sized commercial truck. Important vehicle factors include relative size of the partners, contact points, impact vectors, property damage, head restraints, seat geometry, seat type and seat damage, use of restraint system & air bag deployment.

Nearly 40,000 people die in car accidents each year in the U.S., and almost 2.4 million are injured, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many car accident injuries can be serious, and even relatively mild injuries can interfere with the activities of daily living and have a significant impact on quality of life. Fractures, sprains, head and neck injuries, and soft tissue injuries can require months and even years of therapy to resolve, causing symptoms not just in the injured area, but throughout the entire body.

All too often, the physicians and other healthcare providers enlisted to treat injuries following accidents fail to achieve complete relief, either because they aren’t trained in proactive treatment of musculoskeletal injuries or because they don’t have experience in utilizing the body’s own natural healing processes as part of treatment.

The Effects of Car Accidents on Your Body

Your body is an interconnected network of bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and other tissues, and each part of that network affects, and is affected by, other parts. That’s why when one area of the body is injured, it can have far-reaching effects on other areas as well. Yet, even many healthcare practitioners don’t understand the interrelationships that exist among all these different areas of the body, focusing treatment only on one area and failing to provide true, long-lasting relief.
How Chiropractic Care Can Help+
Chiropractic care is based on an understanding that every part of the body is interconnected, and often treating one area means relieving stress, strain and pressure in other areas. The spine is the main conduit for nerves that travel from the brain to other areas of the body. Sometimes, the spine can slip out of alignment, especially following an accident, pressing on nerves and interfering with signals from the brain and making accident-related injuries more difficult to treat. Chiropractic works by realigning the spine and relieving pressure on nerves to restore function and relieve painful symptoms associated with car accident injuries, no matter where those symptoms occur.
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Headaches are one of the most common ailments among men, women and even children in the U.S., and because they can have so many underlying causes, treatment can be difficult — and often ineffective. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports as many as 30 percent of adults have severe headaches, including migraines, and millions more have chronic headaches, which, while not as intense as migraines, can still have debilitating effects.

Many headaches occur as a result of strain, pinched or irritated nerves, or issues with circulation that impede blood flow to the brain or the area surrounding it. While taking pain relievers is a popular treatment for relieving some symptoms, it doesn’t treat the underlying causes of headaches, which means they’re much more likely to recur.

Headaches and Your Health+
How Chiropractic Care Can Help+
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Low back pain

Low back pain is a leading cause of pain and disability in the U.S., affecting more than 30 million Americans at any point in time, and causing symptoms in more than half of all working men and women every year. Because the low back is subjected to so many different types of stresses and strains throughout the day — even when we’re simply sitting or standing — finding relief for painful symptoms requires a whole-body approach that’s focused on rebalancing the body so those stresses and strains are properly redistributed.

Although taking pain relievers and even muscle relaxers can help relieve some symptoms, over time these medications can become addictive and dangerous, even interfering with the body’s ability to heal itself. At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, we understand the symptoms of low back pain and the impact they can have on your life. We offer skilled treatment based on each patient’s unique needs for real, long-term relief and improved health.

What causes low back pain?+
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Pinched nerve

Pinched nerves are a common condition that can occur wherever a nerve becomes compressed, or “pinched,” by other tissues like bones, muscles, tendons or spinal discs. Muscle inflammation and herniated spinal discs (the spongy material between the bones in your spine) are common causes, and although the compression may occur in one specific spot, the effects of a pinched nerve can extend throughout broad areas of the body, making diagnosis and treatment difficult.

Pinched nerves are a common result of car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, but they can also occur from overuse or repetitive strain injuries where irritated and inflamed muscles or tendons press on nerves, causing widespread pain and other symptoms. Even poor posture can cause painful nerve compression. The best way to relieve a pinched nerve is to locate and then alleviate pressure so the nerve functions the way it’s supposed to.

The Impact of Pinched Nerves+
How Chiropractic Can Help+
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Oh, my aching back! If you suffer from sciatica, there’s a good chance you’ve uttered those words many times. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve — a major nerve that runs from the lower back and down both legs — becomes compressed where it exits the spine. Like other types of low back pain, it can occur as a result of accidents, repetitive strain and postural issues. But unlike other back pain, it usually causes shooting pain that extends through the buttock and into the legs.

At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, we understand the toll sciatica can take, and we also know that when it isn’t properly treated from the start, it can recur over and over again, causing symptoms that can interfere with every area of your life —- even your sleep. Our practitioners help relieve sciatica with individualized care that’s focused on the needs of each patient for optimal results and quicker relief of painful symptoms.

Sciatica and Your Body+
In addition to the primary symptoms of sciatica, more widespread secondary symptoms can also occur, developing as your body attempts to compensate for the pain by assuming different positions when sitting, walking and lying down. And while those positions may provide some temporary relief, they can create additional imbalances and pressures in the spine and other joints, causing widespread pain and achiness that often go untreated in normal sciatica care. Over time, these secondary symptoms can interfere with spinal alignment and cause sciatica symptoms to flare up in a cycle of pain that’s often treated with regular doses of painkillers or invasive procedures.
How Chiropractic Can help+
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Slipped disk

The spine plays a critical role in supporting your body and organs and providing a pathway for nerves traveling from the brain to organs and other tissues throughout the body. And between each pair of bones — or vertebrae — is a spongy cushion called a disc. Discs work as shock absorbers for your spine, enabling the spine to stay flexible and helping to keep the vertebrae properly spaced and aligned. Sometimes, a disc can slip out of place as a result of an injury, age-related changes, or another cause, pressing up against nerves and blood vessels, and causing irritation, inflammation and often significant pain.

The good news is, slipped discs often respond well to the more conservative treatments strategies used in chiropractic care. That means you can finally get the relief you need for your symptoms without resorting to invasive surgery or injections.

Slipped Discs and Your Body+
How Chiropractic Can Help+
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Upper back and neck pain

Upper back and neck pain affects millions of men and women in the U.S., often causing diffuse symptoms that can be difficult to treat with traditional medical techniques. Like other types of spine-related pain, many medical treatments address only specific symptoms, often prescribing prolonged courses of pain medications or resorting to invasive medical procedures to find relief. Because pain associated with upper back and neck injuries can cause nonspecific symptoms in other areas of the body, many patients are left to suffer with aches and pains that can have a significant impact on their overall quality of life. At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, our practitioners are skilled at determining the root causes of upper back and neck pain, providing individualized care based on each patient’s specific symptoms and medical needs for superior relief of symptoms and improved quality of life.

Upper Back and Neck Pain and Your Body+
The spine in the upper back and neck (the thoracic spine and cervical spine) contain vital nerve nerve pathways that promote health in the arms and hands as well as the organs in the belly and chest. In addition, the neck and upper back are composed of many soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments and tendons that can become strained and injured as a result of accidents, postural issues and other factors. When these tissues become inflamed and swollen, they can press on nerves and cause symptoms to develop in any of the areas served by those nerves, including the arms and hands, shoulders, abdominal cavity and head. In fact, upper back and neck issues are a leading cause of chronic and debilitating headaches.
How Chiropractic Care Can Help+
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Whiplash is a term used to describe injuries to the joints and soft tissues of the neck and cervical spine (the neck portion of your spine) that occur when the neck and head are snapped back and forth violently like a whip, typically as the result of an indirect impact like a car accident, workplace accident or sports-related injury. Often, whiplash injuries can extend into the upper back and cause symptoms like persistent headaches, pinched nerves and other problems that in some cases can last for months or years after the initial accident

Like many spine-related injuries, whiplash can be difficult or even impossible to effectively treat without managing the underlying nerve impingements that may be causing them. At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, we understand the very real frustrations of managing the painful symptoms of whiplash. Our experienced practitioners work with each patient individually, using a hands-on approach to carefully assess the damage so treatment is tailored to every patient’s unique needs for optimal results.

Whiplash and Your Body+
Whiplash is a serious injury that often affects not only the muscles of the neck, but the ligaments as well. These ligaments help keep the bones of the neck (the cervical vertebrae) in proper alignment, providing an important pathway for nerves that travel from the brain to the rest of the body. When a whiplash injury occurs, these ligaments are stretched beyond their normal limits, resulting in “loose” connections between the cervical vertebrae that can enable the nerves in the area to become pinched. At the same time, inflammation resulting from a whiplash injury can press on both nerves and blood vessels, prolonging painful symptoms in the neck, shoulders, head and upper back.
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our hands and wrists play a major role in our lives, helping us complete tasks at home, at work, at school – even when we’re running errands. When we have pain in our hands or wrists, it can have a major impact on our ability to perform those critical tasks, and it can also have a major impact on the way we feel. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a major cause of hand and wrist pain, occurring when the nerves that travel through the lower arm become pinched or crowded at the wrist, resulting in painful symptoms, numbness and weakness.
What happens in carpal tunnel syndrome?+
How Chiropractic Care Can Help+
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Millions of people in the U.S. are affected by scoliosis, a curvature of the spine that usually develops during the growth phase of adolescence. Despite its prevalence, the good news is many people with scoliosis lead happy, healthy lives without the need for invasive surgery or long-term bracing used in people with extreme curvatures. However, while many cases of scoliosis are mild, they can still cause pervasive symptoms of pain and achiness that can have an impact on many activities of daily living.

At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, we help patients with symptomatic mild scoliosis relieve the pain and aches that can develop as a result of spinal curvature. Every treatment is preceded by a thorough examination and evaluation to ensure treatment is applied in a way that’s most effective for each patient’s needs and symptoms.

Scoliosis and Your Body+
Scoliosis can be caused by accidents and other trauma, nerve or muscle diseases, and other physical causes, but in most cases, the cause is unknown. The characteristic spinal curve that’s the hallmark of scoliosis developed as the forces exerted on the spine shift during development, creating an uneven distribution that causes the spine to become deformed. The individual bones of the spine (the vertebrae) often rotate as well. Some types of scoliosis are severe, but most are mild enough so that invasive treatments to straighten the spine aren’t necessary. Still, the uneven shape of the spine can cause symptoms. Because the body is designed to function with a spine that’s straight and properly aligned, scoliosis curvature can result in strains and inflammation that can cause pain and other symptoms in the back and elsewhere throughout the body.
How Chiropractic Can help+
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Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition that affects more than 5 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), causing widespread pain and diffuse aching that can range from mild to severe. But until recently, fibromyalgia was not recognized as a serious, chronic condition, and many healthcare providers have been slow to provide treatments aimed at meaningful, long-term relief. As a result, many patients have been left feeling
Fibromyalgia and Your Body+
How Chiropractic Can Help+
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Do you suffer from chronic stress? Millions of people do, and the effects can be serious. Everyone gets “stressed out” from time to time, but when the condition is chronic — persisting for weeks and even months — it can take a major toll on your life and your health, significantly increasing your risks for several serious medical conditions and diseases, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, immune disorders and more

At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, our practitioners are skilled at recognizing the effects of chronic stress and in helping men and women overcome those effects. We use advanced techniques designed not only to help relieve the anxious, stressed-out feelings you’re experiencing, but also to mitigate the physical and emotional manifestations of chronic stress so you can enjoy maximum health and wellness.

Stress and Your Body+
When you suffer from chronic stress, your body releases stress hormones, chemicals that can cause a chain reaction of undesirable effects throughout your body, including raising your heart rate, your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels and contributing to chronic inflammation in blood vessels and organs. Stress can occur for many reasons, including both physical causes and emotional reasons like major life changes or “family problems.” Sometimes, even changes within our own bodies, like fighting off a disease or age- related hormonal changes can be enough to bring on stress. Because the effects of chronic stress are so widespread, it requires a whole-body approach to manage.
How Chiropractic Can Help+
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Maintaining optimal health is a balancing act at any age. Staying healthy means optimizing all the interconnections and interrelationships between organs and other tissues so everything functions the way it’s supposed to. And because your body’s needs change — sometimes dramatically — as you get older, making sure you stay as healthy as possible requires vigilance and regular care from specialists who understand the “whole body” approach to care.

How Chiropractic Can Help+
Chiropractic is a patient-centered approach to care that helps address whole-body health by helping the body stay in balance. How does it do that? Every muscle, organ, blood vessel and joint in the body relies on a signaling process with the brain, sending and receiving information along nerve pathways to control the way they function under diverse conditions. These signals help the body respond to illnesses and other threats while also enabling normal daily processes to stay in check. When nerve pathways become blocked, often from inflammation or irritation in the spine or joints, the signaling process breaks down and toxic waste materials build up in the tissues, eventually contributing to chronic medical conditions that take a major toll on health. Chiropractic uses special techniques to realign the spine, restore nerve function and improve circulation to prevent the buildup of toxins that can lead to disease. Plus, the specialists at Atlantic Coast Medical Care provide a full complement of care and guidance to help each person get the care they need based on their uniquely personal needs.
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