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Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells cryopreserved regenerative cells are injected into the injured sites of the spine and joints to promote the regeneration of spine and joint tissues. Results of regenerative medicine include revising and reversing damaged areas explained by therapeutic qualities of regenerative medicine. A barrier support cushion is provided to joints and tissues. Acid assists in regeneration of structure and joints. These injections are used to treat knee joint pain, arthritis, degeneration and painful conditions effecting the shoulder joint, hip joint, knee, ankle, wrist, neck and back as well as spine and joint pain are all successfully treated using regenerative medicine injections.

Testimonial of patients who have undergone regenerative medical injections:

William L: played eleven seasons of professional football. I was introduced to regenerative med. My shoulder and knees are 100 percent better.

Brian J went with steroid injections had no relief. They tried Regenerative injections pain went from 10 to a 1. So far very happy

Melinda L. pain level was always a level 10. It didn’t matter what pills or acupuncture I did. Pain was unbearable. Now I wake up and say thank you.
What doctors say….ive been using these products for years I have had great results. Amniotic regenerative injections for orthopedic issues and I will continue to use these products. my patients love the results. Dr Tyoeler B

Dr duffy ..we’ve seen amazing results and industry research.
Regenerative injections solution contains a cryo preserve solution with regenerative mesenchymal cells and regenerative cells. This is a preferred 15-30 minute in office procedure opposed to a 1-2 hours of prp or 2-4 hours of stem cell injections.