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PHYCIAL THERAPY is most often times indicated for injuries effecting the spine and joints. Modalities such as heat, ice, therapeutic ultrasound, muscle stimulations, stretching & strengthening have been advocated in the treatment of acute neck injury. Usually, ice applied early after injury or insult in the acute condition to relieve the pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. In a later stage of therapy, heat may be used to decrease the accumulation of toxic substances in the inflamed muscles; decreases the histamine, prostaglandins, substance P, and so forth which decreases the adhesions of collagen fibers on the joints and capsules and heat may relieve pain.

The REHABILITATION phase of treatment includes orientation and performance of specific supervised exercises individualized for treating specific injuries to the spine and joints. After injury, often weakness and pain of the muscles are present. The weakness represents reflex inhibition due to acute spindle system activation. This weakness causes difficulty in maintaining the erect posture of the neck and spine. The sooner the rehabilitation process begins, the sooner normal neuromuscular activity returns.

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