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Living with pain has a long term effect on the individual. At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, our highly trained and experienced chiropractors and physicians are able to work with patients to address and correct the cause of pain in the body.

This starts with a complete evaluation of neurological and orthopedic conditions and sources of pain. We include several different state-of-the-art diagnostic tests for the spine and the nerves to pinpoint the areas of pain and create conservative, customized treatment plans to address and minimize the pain.

Contact a member of our staff today to schedule an appointment for a custom care plan to begin treating your pain.

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Unlike some practices, Atlantic Coast Medical Care uses a team approach, with all of our physicians and practitioners available in our facility. This allows us to integrate treatment from Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors, creating a comprehensive approach to treatment.

All of our staff members are Board Certified in their respective areas of specialization. This allows our patients to receive the care they need from highly qualified and experienced medical professionals. In some cases, our team may recommend physical therapy or home care for many types of sports injuries, joint pain, or during recovery from accidents. The Osteopaths may recommend orthopedic surgery while our Chiropractors can provide effective manipulation for adjustments and alignment of the spine and joints.

Our Medical Doctors may recommend in-office procedures, including specific medications for muscle spasms, or the use of nerve pain blocks to address chronic or acute pain from neurological and musculoskeletal injuries or conditions.

New patients are welcome at Atlantic Coast Medical Care, and we appreciate the support and trust that our existing patients’ place in our staff. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book your first appointment.


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At Atlantic Coast Medical Care, we believe in creating an environment which allows our patients to relax while we guide them toward spinal health and wellness. Our doctors and massage therapists pursue continuing education in order to ensure our treatment plans reflect advances in the field of chiropractic services.

Dr. Scott Rosenstein, D.C.

Dr. Scott Rosenstein, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic